Glebefest 2013

Glebefest 2013
Glebe sets new record weight 165lb + record day 85lb per man + 7 PB's.....amazing fishery

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Glebefest 2014

As you are all already aware we were unable to book a Saturday this year at the Glebe and have booked Wed, Thurs, Fri at the Glebe with the Ronnie Ashbrooke pairs event taking place on the Thurs / Fri being the two days everyone can attend.

For the Saturday Rick has managed to book two lakes for about 24 anglers at Makins Phase 3 (on Derwent and Thames c50pegs so should be space).

It looks like the additional cost for those wanting the Friday night as well plus peg fee, plus pools will be around £45 each. If you are interested in the extra night please let Keith, Rick or myself know asap so we can sort extra rooms for the Friday night. Keith has agreed to collect the monies along with the Glebe cash.

29th March - WL10 - Conway

1st - Barry Davis - 28.8lb
2nd - Ian Simpson - 27.0lb
3rd - Colin Cook - 22.4lb

Sunday, 23 March 2014

New KO Rules

Go to the "Knockout" tab above for details of changes for 2014 agreed at the last meeting.

Match Calendar changes - 2014

Message from Rick - Match calendar changes for 2014

- 5th April is now WBAC Gorsty Hall
- 12th April WBAC Gorsty Hall is now cancelled
- 23rd Sept WBAC Heronbrook Match Lake is now cancelled
- 4th Oct WBAC Heronbrook Match Lake is now cancelled

NB Both Heronbrook dates are however still on but are to be run as Rivacre matches

22nd March - WL9 - Conway


1st - Steve Brew - 54.1lb
2nd - Colin Cook - 40.9lb
3rd - Jason Connah - 27.5lb

8th March - WL8 - Lloyds Meadow - Badger


1st - Barry Davis - 57.9lb
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 50.6lb
3rd - Billy Gore - 49.5lb

Monday, 24 February 2014

22nd February - WL7 - Lloyds Meadow

Well no weather warnings to speak of this week a few gusts here and there nothing spectacular however we were rewarded with a heartening display from a new member Mike Richardson.

He recently failed miserably on his first guest outing to be welcomed as a member with "if you always fished like that you can have discounted membership matey", he then managed to catch 52lb on his first proper match and this week he had a starring not fishing, he was last with 9lb odd but he managed to fall off his box backwards as his seatbox legs collapsed to howls of laughter and requests for "can we have a replay"......with no replay forthcoming and a bit of huffing Mike did the honourable thing and managed to smash his no4 section about an hour later like a gunshot to be greeted with "whip crack away, whip crack away, whip crack awaaaaay!" round off the day tipping four silvers onto the scales to top up a couple of carp he dumped 3 out of 4 on the grass "have you  done this before", " did you face the lake" " did you try using bait".....Mike the guys clearly love you as these are real terms of endearment reserved for the truely memorable feats performed on club duty!

Any way onto the match, a slow affair with few carp showing bar by the top island and Barry (BIIOGOR) Davis snared seven and some silvers from the top right hand corner to weigh 27.8lb. Colin Cook stuck with pellet on the right of the first island but the carp were few and far between but he did enough with 23.9lb of roach, chub, skimmers and 2 small carp. Jason Connah started slowly and finished slowly (sorry thats him rigging up and tackling down) He had a few early munters from open water in between he two island and added a few smaller samples before progressing to skimmer bashing until it all dried up on pellet and he struggled thereafter but managed 3rd with 23.6lb and took the shiny £1 off Mr Brew......I understand its 9 v 4 to Mr B at the moment.

1st - Barry "bib it in / only got one rig" Davis - 27.8lb
2nd - Colin Cook - 23.9lb
3rd - Jason Connah - 23.6lb