Two wins on the bounce in the last three matches at Conway was enough for Ian S to take the Winter League.....but only just!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

18th April - Partridge - Covey 6

Result (proper weight details to follow once I have them from Rick)

1st - Steve Brew - 35lb
2nd - Mike Richardson - 31lb
3rd - Ian Simpson - 30lb

A bright and sunny day on Partridge but with a very cold easterly wind it meant everyone sat there with fleeces on and it made presentation difficult on this F1 dominated water. With lots of room as there are c40 pegs and only 20 fishing most set up lines across, down the track and to the next pallet.

Steve Brew had a few down the track but generally struggled until he went long to the next pallet with groundbait and worm and managed to catch not only F1's but also two lump carp (well for Partridge at 5lb). It was a close call but Steve ran out the winner with 35lb with Mike Richardson close behind with 31lb caught on the method and on the pole shallow with maggot. Mike was one of the few who could make it work on the day.......many tried and most failed. Ian Simpson ran out 3rd just pipping Paul Robinson and Dougie Walsh by a 1lb with 30lb. Ian caught well in spells on pellet across but they were a small stamp of fish compared to Steve and Mike's.

Well done to Trevor........section winner again on Covey 6......its becoming a habit.

11th April - Weston - Stretton


1st - Ian Lloyd - 60.5lb
2nd - Jason Davies - 52.8lb
3rd - Keith Williamson - 48.8lb

Not much I can say by way of comment as I was off catching hippocrocopigs at Rolf's Lake with H, Steve B and Paul Robinson.

Looks like a good match though with an average of 36lb per angler.

The Wirral Raiders did okay in Oxford as well though coming back with a 1st, 2nd and 4th in the MFS match!!

Friday, 3 April 2015

27th March Lathom Pool 4


1st Barry Davies - 50.1lb
2nd Kenny Stuart - 43.4lb
3rd Steve Brew - 43.1lb

I can't comment much not being there but the backing weights were very good too with an average of over 25lb per angler being a good start to the WBAC 2015 year (excluding the WL of course)

Monday, 23 March 2015

21st March - WL11 - Conway

The last match of the WL calendar had left the league with 3 possible winners and any one from six could be second but as it happened our newest and youngest member showed the field how to empty Conways margins fishing maggot for some right lumps on light gear and elastic and his win also meant the league never actually changed much on the final match.

Steve Brew drew next to the point yet again and proceeded to catch well on waggler and bomb for a few hours until the fish backed off to were it was safe i.e. Dougies peg. He chose to ignore the obvious signs they were shallow for over 3 hours before finally overcoming his illness, going shallow and bagging for the last 90 minutes (blew a flyer there Doug its won the last two matches!!!! lol)

League places based on the best 5 from 11 went to Ian Simpson who chipped away at the fast starting Phil Henry's leading and finally overcoming him at WL10 and neither improved this week so Ian took the title. A similar story for Billy Gore top three throughout the series with his first 5 matches being his best but stood still once it came down to dropping results. That said a sold third place for the ever consistent Mr Gore.


1st - Kieran Smith - 78.4lb
2nd - Steve Brew - 54lb
3rd - Dougie Walsh - 40.0lb

Well done to Kieran with a tremendous weight and showed a clear pair of heels to the rest when it came to fishing the margins at Conway!!! A new PB for Kieran!!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

14th March - WL10 - Conway

Conway was much nicer to us this week and after drawing the middle peg on the top end bank the week before and winning the match with 88lb of mainly carp from the margins Ian Simpson drew it again and was always favourite but 3 hours in the carp had clearly not read the script and had moved from the margins of the peg and even the roach were not playing as Ian fed for carp and had blown that line. A solid last 2 hours on pellet on the long pole and corn on the waggler though produced enough carp to snatch victory from the fast finishing Ste Brew who drew next to the point as usual and caught well early and late on bomb and waggler.

Rick Keeley stuck to a plan one down from the boulder peg and caught carp and roach alternating three lines all day for a strong and well deserved 3rd place

1st - Ian Simpson - 40.8lb
2nd - Steve Brew - 36.5lb
3rd - Rick Keeley - 34.8lb

Saturday, 28 February 2015

7th Mar - WL9 Conway

Wild and windy on either bank as only Conway can be as it whistles down the valley meant the top the top end was definitely the favoured draw. Ian Simpson drew the middle of the top end bank and made no mistakes setting off to catch roach short in the margins and was going well with 20lb of stamp fish in the first 2 hours before the carp rocked up big time and stopped the roach getting a look in. Fishing a simple maggot rig on light gear and elastic but feeding maggot heavily Ian finished with 88lb for what in the end looked an easy win although Ian was left ruing two munters, both looked double figures, that he lost in the last 20mins when one slipped the hook at the net and the other snapped the 0.10 hooklength when it rolled at the net....doh!!!......could have easily been a winter ton!

Ted Neild sat it out in the gale at the windy end, sorry v.v.v.v.v.v windy end and managed to secure a well deserved second spot fishing the feeder to the sunken island. Keith Williamson drew next to the point and managed enough on the feeder for third spot with a few on the pole the wind was hard work there even at 6m.


1st - Ian Simpson - 88.1lb
2nd - Ted Neild - 37.5lb
3rd - Keith Williamson - 28.5lb

21st Feb - WL8 - Lloyds Meadow - Kingfisher

A cold and frosty start left most struggling as again the Kingfisher carp that had been so prolific in previous years manage to hid from most and left everyone looking for roach, skimmers and chub and treating carp as bonus fish.

Ste Brew decided to ignore the silvers and stuck it out on the bomb searching open water and as well as a long margin and snared just 6 fish for the win.......now that's confidence. He said at the start "I aint fishing for litter" and was as good as his word. Kieran continued his run of form and managed a few carp late to catapult himself to second. Dougie Walsh and Ian Simpson finished equal 3rd with mixed bags Dougie having a few chub with his roach and Ian's net consisting mainly of skimmers.


1st - Steve Brew - 21.0lb
2nd - Kieran Smith - 15.7lb
=3rd - Ian Simpson - 14.1lb
=3rd - Dougie Walsh - 14.1lb