Baz in more familiar mode ready to bin it in...notice the shorts to keep his pants dry when the level rises!

Monday, 9 January 2017

7th Jan 2017 - WL4 Hampton Willow

After a switch from Cheshire Oaks as the venue, frustratingly remains not ready, Hampton helped us out and with the venue being totally frozen on the Thurs and a rapid thaw on Friday the fishing was expected to be hard.....but what do we know, the top three all broke 50lb!

Barry Davis fished a great match off an unfavoured peg backing onto Folly, down from the pipe swim and caught a few early dobbing before coming shorter to c8m catching carp on expander over micros for an easy win with 95.5lb....a cracking winter weight.

Ian Simpson fed nothing for 5 hours and dobbed his way on p23 to 40 small F1's and 20 carp for 59.5lb fishing towards the weed bed feature. Steve Gilmore took third spot with 50.0lb despite losing a number of good fish, presumably foul hooked, Ste fished and fed corn again to the inside weed bed feature on p31 (I think).

Overall a good day with 7 weights qualifying for the 20lb John Heald KO 2017 at the first attempt of the year.


1st - Barry Davis - 95.5lb
2nd - Ian Simpson - 59.5lb
3rd - Steve Gilmore - 50.0lb

Sunday, 1 January 2017

30th Dec 2016 - Hampton Willow

Despite a much milder night the lakes remained solid at Hampton and after breaking the ice we managed no blanks although the carp were holed up more so in certain places and Billy Gore took full advantage dobbing most of the day for 16 carp and a few roach to weigh 44lb. Ian Lloyd managed 8 carp and some roach and skimmers for 27.04lb and the final place went to Mike White who stuck to maggot to the edge of the ice for 19.0lb just a few pounds ahead of four others all with 14lb+ weights so given the icy conditions (it was still frozen solid when we left) not too bad a day.


1st - Billy Gore - 44.06lb
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 27.04lb
3rd - Mike White - 19.0lb

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

17th Dec 2016 Hampton - Fur n Feather

A good turnout at Hampton for the Fur n Feather saw 20 split across Long, Meadow and Rock with everyone expecting Long to take the honours and Rock to be hardest draw.

In reality its been the reverse and all credit to Jason Connah who has drawn one of the least fancied pegs i.e. Rock p3 and fished a brilliant match from there in my opinion to end with 34.5lb of mainly carp on the feeder fishing very light gear with pellet and corn to the right hand island. This just pipped Barry Davis with 33.5lb, again from Rock p15 (I think) who fished maggot short into the deep water that the peg is known for and included some proper big perch! Mike White drew well and made no mistakes off Long p30 to record 30.7lb seeing off that Hampton regular Dougie Walsh on p32 by a couple of pound in the end.

Overall Rock and Meadow fished okay with more than half the weights on both lakes breaking 20lb and it was the originally favoured Long that many struggled on.

Well done to Barry Davis on securing the John Heald KO on the day and to Ian Lloyd for topping the Angler and Matchman of the Year for a second successive year with Billy Gore and Dougie Walsh the ever consistent chasing pair.

Finally I cant go without saying Jason was clearly on fire with only 75mins to set up, he wins the match, wins the Golden Peg and draws himself out as a Fur N Feather £20 winner!!!! I'm not complaining though as he also drew me out...thanks partner!!!

Have a great Christmas and for those not out on 30th Dec at Hampton a great New Year too!


1st - Jason Connah - 34.5lb
2nd - Barry Davis - 33.5lb
3rd - Mike White - 30.7lb

Monday, 12 December 2016

10th Dec 2016 WL2 Hampton Long/Meadow

First time we have used two lakes and a section of 4 on Meadow looked good leaving 9 pegs on Long Island and with lots of fish boshing before the all in and mild temperatures all looked good for a few fish.

As soon as 5 feeders all started peppering the old island the boshing stopped and the fish sulked away. A few early feeder fish for a one or two soon faded and it was the pole that dominated the middle and end of the match. Steve Brew drew the "life buoy" flyer and made no mistakes with some early carp topped up with a good run of carp on maggot at 8m to weigh 54lb. Jason Connah pushed him close from p28 but lost fish cost him the win finishing short on 49.4lb catching on corn and pellet on the long pole. Ian Lloyd took 3rd with a fast finishing 40.6lb having wasted half the match trying to make the bomb/feeder line work only to find that the pole/maggot line was "black" with carp, big skimmers and ide.

Overall it's fished well with 35-26-20-20 back ups and all bar one breaking double figures

1st Ste Brew 54.0
2nd Jason Connah 49.4
3rd Ian Lloyd 40.6

26th Nov 2016 WL1 Hampton Long

1st Ted Neild
2nd Rick Keeley
3rd Jason Connah

8th October 2016 Old Hough

1st Kieran Smith 35.0
2nd Trev Allpress 31.8
3rd Dennis Jones 30.8

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

2016 AGM Update

Proposals and changes from AGM

1. For 2017 the golden peg £1 will be replaced with a £1 winner takes all superpool on the day. The view was this removes any roll over and concerns about winning the Golden Peg by winning a 3 or 4 peg section. From 2017 the sections will remain as is i.e. 3-4 man sections as the discretion of the Match Secretary and the overall winner will win his section and pick up the superpool. On average we have 12-15 attendees so the winner gets c£12-£15 extra.

Proposed: Paul Robinson
Seconded: Ian Simpson
Vote was unanimous in favour

2. The existing Committee was proposed to be retained en masse
Henry Mellor - Chairman
Vacant - Secretary
Keith Williamson - Treasurer
Match Secretary - Rick Keeley
Asst to the above - Ian Lloyd
The Secretary role remains vacant and the Committee are open to consider applicants. Ian Simpson agreed to continue with the League and Blog updates irrespective of a Secretary being appointed.

Proposed: Ian Simpson
Seconded: Colin Cook
Vote was unanimous in favour

3. It was proposed Ian Simpson be given honorary WBAC membership from 2017 onwards for his work with regard to the league tables / blog / email communication and weekend away organisation for the membership over a number of years.

Proposed: Rick Keeley
Seconded: Keith Williamson
Vote was 10 v 1

Note: These are my recollections as I didn't take notes so pending confirmation of accuracy from Henry, Rick and Keith