Good job Cheshire Oaks is only local

Monday, 12 June 2017

10th June 2017 Hampton Long

Hampton produced the top weight of the year and averaged 61lb per angler. There was no stopping Billy with a draw on p32 he's had a tremendous day finishing with 142.10lb fishing the margins (but admitting to catching at 4-5m haha). Ian Simpson took second from p10 in the canal section with 103lb with 48lb of ide, skimmers and F1's on maggot and corn in the margins having just held off a late charging Ian Lloyd on p7 who eventually found the carp on maggot and worm in the margins to finish with 87.08lb


1st - Billy Gore - 142.10lb
2nd - Ian Simpson - 103.00lb
3rd - Ian Lloyd - 87.08lb

27th May 2017 - Partridge Covey 5

Apparently a tail of two ends of the lake due to the wind but Alec made no mistakes and cruised to a win with 58.14lb with Ian Lloyd taking second just ahead of Brian Fogg with 44.12lb. The opposite end though was tough with a number of 10-20lb weights.


1st - Alec Rioch - 58.14lb
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 47.08lb
3rd - Brian Fogg - 44.12lb

Thursday, 18 May 2017

13th May 2017 - Cunneries Kestrel (replaced YewTree)


Whilst its not fished as well this time, the weather not being as kind, its produced the 3rd different match winner in three matches this year with Brian Fogg added a few proper lumps to an otherwise stockie based net to run out the winner with 52.12lb.

Brian was closely followed by Dougie Walsh who did well with the stockies but missed out on the lumps and fell just short with 48.08lb. Rick Keeley completed the frame albeit a little way back on 40.02lb but it was great to see every angler breaking double figures so bites to be had for all concerned.

Well done to Rick for a hasty rearranged venue after Yew Tree let us down at very short notice.

1st - Brian Fogg - 52.12lb
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 48.08lb
3rd - Rick Keeley - 40.02lb

Sunday, 23 April 2017

22nd April 2017 - Cunneries - Kestrel

Well the place still looks like a building site with unfinished pegs, half done paths and just the beginnings of a car park but the lake itself is clearly well stocked and interesting with an island chuck for most and will have paths all round, its own car park, features on the island and is being turfed as well.

Everyone has had loads of space with at least 1 spare peg and in many cases a spare either side although all the local info suggested its not a margin water as too barren yet and would be 10m into 6 ft and off feeder fish and that's how it proved to be. A couple of early better fish (3-5lb) on the feeder for a few was soon replaced with a stockie fish race with carp, F1's and barbel between 4-12oz for most with an odd 1lb fish thrown in.

Steve Gilmour fished a superb match and stayed focussed on the 10m line but swapped from pellet to corn back to dyed pellet over nuggets of groundbait over the course of the match and had, I reckon 120+ fish, but 4 proper carp in the last hour or so including an 8-10lber made the difference and he's weighed 73.12 for what in the end was an emphatic win as 20lb clear is probably 40 fish. Well fished Steve you fished a really neat and tidy match and me and Dennis either side were left trailing....albeit you made Dennis pack up early, he kept shaking his head and tutting all match!

Ian Lloyd managed to snare half a dozen proper carp from the windward end peg to add to less stockies than most of the main pack, but his decision to go for these better fish paid off as be took second with an impressive 61.08. Ian Simpson was best of the rest with 103 stockies and a solitary 3lb carp for 56.08 that took him ahead of Kieren 48lb, Jason 47lb and Billy 46lb so a really close pack and its obvious getting a few better fish in future matches here will be required to win it until the stockies put a bit more weight on.

I did enjoy the banter between Trevor and Dougie before the all in about who could chuck where and they had an empty peg between them as well!.......I did have a quiet chuckle as they banged on about it giving abuse and looking to people to take sides for at least 30mins before the draw even asking for a referee to decide and then, as suspected it turned into a pole match!!!......I love club fishing with WBAC! Maybe the venue management need to add island markers if they are going to put all the pegs in.


1st - Steve Gilmour - 73.12
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 61.08
3rd - Ian Simpson - 56.08

8th April 2017 - Hampton Long / Meadow

From what I can gather Long was a struggle and Meadow actually threw up the winning weights in what was generally a low weight affair for Hampton.


1st - Ian Lloyd - 63.04
2nd - Trevor Allpress - 33.08
3rd - Mike White - 30.00

Saturday, 18 March 2017

11th March 2017 - WL11 Hampton


1st Ian Lloyd - 52.5lb
2nd Trevor Allpress - 43.2lb
3rd Jason Davies 41.1lb

4th March 2017 WL10 - Hampton


=1st - Dougie Walsh - 28lb
=1st - Ted Neild - 28lb
3rd - Jason Davies - 23.8lb