Stevie G comes good on a hard day to leave the Wirral Raiders in his wake. His first club win, no doubt the first of many!

Friday, 24 July 2015

4th July - Field Farm - Big Beam

1st - Steve Gilmour - 34.5lb
2nd - Billy Gore - 27.3lb
3rd - Dennis Jones - 26.8lb

27th June - Heronbrook - Match Lake


1st - Mike Richardson - 71.0lb
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 62.1lb
3rd - Dennis Jones - 53.0lb

Friday, 26 June 2015

26th Glebe Payments

Just a reminder as we have at least one reserve desperate to get on the Glebe!

You have until Monday 13th July to pay Keith £100 in total.

NB - Billy, Alec £65 as only staying one night and fishing 2 not 3 days
       - Ste G £70 as booked his own accommodation before I did he was so keen!!

At July's meeting we will be drawing the teams for the Ronnie Ashbrooke trophy and sorting the pegging, lake draw and any seeding of anglers to make sure we can share the winnings around.

I am sure you can appreciate 23 anglers, teams of both 2 and 3 (to make 23 work), all seeded, with sections across 6 lakes over 3 days, hotels and peg fees to pay takes a bit of planning so please sort Keith out by 13th July and confirm attendance as we will struggle to replan after than and you will loose your deposit as we are paying Roy and the hotel upfront.

I'm there with H, Robbo, Col Cook and Ste B on 6th and 7th July so I'll do my usual update on how its fishing but based on a few trips already its business as usual with probably less fish on feeder lines and more than ever on pole lines with corn and pellet still doing the business.

I fished the TF 2 dayer with H and Robbo and we had 149lb, 142lb, 136lb, 111lb, 60lb, 40lb weights from average draws

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

13th June - Hampton - Long Island

The talk at the draw was had they spawned and with a few regular WBAC stars on holiday or at the races everyone had loads of space and the forecast heavy rain all day looked like it was going to miss us.

For most it ended up being a tough day with no-one being able to really find a line that would keep producing bar Jason Jones who caught small stockies on pellet on the long pole and  added a few edge fish to finish first out the frame with 33lb. Ian Simpson managed to keep rotating a few lines and worked out you could snare a better shallow fish then had to leave it and move before going back to get another shallow fish and these 6-8lb fish as well as a few stockies, F1's and tench from the margins and the deck saw him run out a winner with 50.5lb.

Kenny Stuart struggled on the long and short pole lines but managed to find some corn margin fish willing to feed in 2 and 3 fish bursts and ended with enough to take 2nd with 43.6lb. Billy Gore completed the frame with the late late show finding some willing margin fish having struggled in open water and on the feeder but 39.5lb was enough.


1st - Ian Simpson - 50.5lb
2nd - Kenny Stuart - 43.6
3rd - Billy Gore - 39.5lb

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

23rd May - Lloyds - Badger

By all accounts a tough day for most with 5 DNW's and an average of 15lb including a section won with a 1lb eel!!!!

That said the frame looks good and Barry and Pete in particular made great use of their end pegs and well what can I say about Bucketman.......Trev weights 55lb+ for a second week running and takes the win and moves upto 3rd in the Matchman of The Year race.

Nothing more I can say as I was with the wirral raiders with MFS at Rolfs to tackle the munters.......Robbo, Ste B, and Ian S weighed in nearly 320lb taking 1st and 5th in the process and H chipped in with over 40lb in the last hour!!


1st - Trevor Allpress - 56.5lb
2nd - Barry Davis - 44.7lb
3rd - Pete Canavan - 40.5lb

Monday, 18 May 2015

9th May - Heronbrook

A very low turnout with only 7 attendees at Heronbrook saw just one side of the Match Lake used but some good weights led by Dougie Walsh with 109.9lb


1st - Dougie Walsh - 109.9lb
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 70.1lb
3rd - Kieran Smith - 58.1lb

Monday, 11 May 2015

May Meeting

Just a reminder we have a meeting booked for next Monday 18th May 8pm start