The official "high-ho" picture for WBAC

The official "high-ho" picture for WBAC
Billy "liar" Gore wins WL5 and takes the Winter League lead at the half way stage

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Glebe 2015 Update

Glebe details
- £50 Deposit due to be paid to Keith by 28th Feb at the latest, it was going to be by 1st Feb but due to the fact I didn’t get this note out early enough I have extended it. If you haven’t paid reserves will be allowed on.
- Final payments will be due by Monday July 13th again reserves will be allowed on if you haven’t.
- Final dates agreed as Wednesday Aug 5th to Friday August 7th
- Limited to 23 anglers
- On Wednesday and Friday we are on Lakes 5,6,7 and Thursday Lake 1,4
- We were looking at dropping the Longshoot and going elsewhere but given I managed to get the rooms at £15 per person rather than last years £29.50 per person its the Longshoot again this year. The only difference is breakfast is not included so you can a) pay £7 at Longshoot b) go to Morrisons (about £4-£5) or c) go to Pat’s cafe in Barwell (about £5-£7)
- Two nights and three days fishing will be £100
- One night and two days fishing will be £65 (Billy and Alec)
- Fishing times to be confirmed but probably something like draw 9.30am first day 11.30 – 5.30 with draw in the bar the night before on the others
- We agreed to do the Ronny Ashbrook trophy on the Thurs-Fri and with 23 fishing its yet to be finalised but we will probably do something like “base it on overall weight and agree teams of 2,3,4 based on seeding to even it out i.e. 3 teams 4 lower seeds v 3 teams 3 higher seeds
- As usual I will try and work out some way to peg the sections and lakes to have it seeded (I’ll have to think about how best to sort 23 though!)

Any questions let me know.

24th Jan - WL6 Lloyds Kingfisher

The banter started at breakfast with Rick apologising for being late as he had stopped to get diesel......the room fell silent and most anglers realised Rick van Diesel had committed the cardinal sin by getting fuel before fishing and no one wanted to shake hands. Rick laughed it off saying he'd wash em and he'd be fine to much amusement that 'didn't he realise diesel was porous and it was too late'

On to the fishing and a reasonable day with the low sun a problem on the house side and a difficult side wind at times but still able to fish 14-16m. Steve Brew drew on the house side on the top island and after a few indications and foul hookers eventually worked out how to snare a few, mainly on the tip with corn and maggot to run out an easy winner with mainly carp and a few chub and skimmers for 32lb.

Jason Connah drew the far side on the first island and despite being plagued by foul hookers and small roach eventually some carp and chub arrived on the long pole line and Jason went on to beat the pegs either side by c5lb with a 19.5lb return. Ian S drawn on the house side and first island started well with an early chub and a carp at 16m on maggot before being roached out and then blinded out by the low sun. Having come closer and moved to avoid the sun a run of skimmers on pellet was enough to pip Ian Lloyd and Phil Henry to finish with 16.5lb.

Oh and Rick van Diesel.......well enough said.......chipshopped and a nasty slick was seen in his peg everytime he fed or baited up......even the ducks refused his fuel ridden bread......Come on coach you should know better.

A final word......welcome to Kieran Smith who has been out with us a few times already and he was taken into the heart of the club as a new member this week as he peppered the aerator with his feeder, several times landing it in the hole and he is know known as Kieran 'The Cube' Smith. Lots of hints and tips on how to flowed to much amusement as the casting was a bit like dobbing....lets try here, lets try there etc etc.....but all in a good spirit (and before anyone says it just like Simo!)...welcome Kieran 'The Cube', consider yourself duly inducted.

Only one more entrant to the KO 20lb challenge as Mr Brew joins Billy, Phil, Ian S, Dougie. Everyone has until April to weigh 20lb to qualify for the next round.


1st - Steve Brew - 32.4lb
2nd - Jason Connah - 19.5lb
3rd - Ian Simpson - 16.5lb

Sunday, 11 January 2015

10th Jan - WL5 - Conway

Well Conway in January returned to its windy self with gusts to 70mph overnight it was always going to be tough for those down the windy end but with only 11 'fools' turning up we managed to peg most not exactly out of the wind but not n the brunt of it.

Billy Gore drew next to the point and made no mistakes showing his class to take 43lb 12oz to the scales made up of roach taken close in and a rogue 10lb carp as well as around 10 smaller carp all taken on the bomb fished into the bowl. Dougie was drawn at the wild end (to suit his personality) and after catching roach quite steadily for a few hours they disappeared (probably pushed out by the carp) but he went on to catch a few proper lump carp down the same close in roach line for a very creditable 34lb 4oz weight from a difficult area. Ian Simpson drew in the 'Bahama's' compared to Dougie at the far end with the wind off his back and despite a nasty draft though a small hole in the hedge was able to fish 13m......that said the fish were at 5m and 32lb 8oz of roach and skimmers and a distinct absence of carp was enough for third place.

1st - Billy Gore - 43lb 12oz
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 34lb 4oz
3rd - Ian Simpson - 32lb 8oz

The WL is hotting up now as the first few anglers have now fished 5 matches and its all about dropping points from here on with Billy Gore just sneaking ahead of Phil Henry at present. See the League Tables tab for details

This was our first WBAC match of 2015 and saw the first 4 Knockout qualifies with the above top 3 plus Phil Henry with 23lb 8oz now through to the next round. Rick missed out by just 8oz but not to worry everyone has until the end of April to record a 20lb weight to get into the next round. See the Knockout tab for more details

Monday, 5 January 2015

Glebe 2015 dates

Right guys the dates are Wed 5th - Fri 7th August and we are now fully booked subject to deposits.

The Glebe 3 dayer will be restricted to 23 anglers due to the Lakes we have for the 3 days which is Lake 5,6,7 on the Wed and Fri and Lake 1, 4 on the Thurs.

Deposit of £50 required to Keith by 1st Feb and the balance by 13th July.

I have managed to sort the Longshoot at half what we paid last year albeit with no breakfast so you either pay them, go Morrisons or Pat's cafe.

Costs will be £100 for 3 days fishing 2 nights hotel (i.e. Wed & Thurs)
Costs will be £65 for 2 days fishing and 1 nights hotel (i.e. Thurs only)


1. Ian S - Confirmed
2. H - Confirmed
3. Rick - Confirmed
4. Keith - Confirmed
5. Mick F - Confirmed
6. Ian Lloyd - Confirmed
7. Steve Gilmore - Confirmed
8. Andy T
9. Kev V
10. Kenny S - Confirmed
11. Jeff G - Confirmed
12. Dougie - Confirmed
13. Trevor - On holiday
14. Steve Brew - Confirmed
15. Alec - Confirmed
16. Billy - Confirmed
17. Henry - Confirmed
18. Col Cook - Confirmed
19. Ted
20. Dave Gent Confirmed
21. Jason D
22. Tyrone D
23. Jason C - Confirmed
24. Dave Grimes
25. Paul Robbo - Confirmed
26. Phil Henry - Confirmed
27. Pete Canavan - Confirmed
28. Colin Mc - Confirmed
29. Rob Dicko - Confirmed
30. Mike Richardson
31. Graham Aveyard - Emigrated to New Zealand
32. Barry Binitin - On holiday
33. Pete Walsh - Confirmed

Monday, 22 December 2014

20th Dec - WL4 - Lloyds - Kingfisher / Badger

With 17 booked on Rick had sorted a section on Kingfisher and a section on Badger from peg 18 back towards the car park on the right hand bank.

The fishing was very hard for most and if you were not on the top island on Kingfisher in the main you struggled. Kenny Stuart fished to the island in the top right hand corner and struggled for bites before finding carp in the open water on bread and despite losing a fair few he managed to secure a second win on the run with 26.0lb.

Mike Richardson again on the top island but this side by the house went off like a train with 3 carp in 3 drops before they spooked and then it was a case of trying to work out what and how they wanted it. Mike managed a few more but fell just short of the win with 25.1lb. Billy Gore was also on the top island but the farside by the aerator and after a few early mug fish it got tough for Billy too but he wrinkled out a creditable 22.3lb on a tough day for 3rd place.

Top weight on Badger was Ian Lloyd with 20.1lb. Considering the space we had only two other double figure weights were taken and Lloyds was not in a forgiving mood with nearly a third of the field weighing less than 5lb.....certainly not the winter fishing we have been used to in previous years here.


1st - Kenny Stuart - 26.0lb
2nd - Mike Richardson - 25.1lb
3rd - Billy Gore - 22.3lb

13th Dec - Hampton - Long & Willow

After heavy overnight frosts the WBAC Fur and Feather turnout was faced with cat ice on both lakes and with Willow having fished well the previous weekend the pegging resulted in more on Willow and less on Long....which proved to be a mistake for all bar the winner.

Kenny Stuart fished 5-7m next to the ice with maggot and caught carp to weigh in 38.5lb which was probably more than the rest of the anglers on Willow put together.......a star performance and good enough to win the John Heald KO trophy for 2014 having beaten the other 8 qualifiers at this match, well done Kenny.

Long Island was a different story with much better weights that saw Billy Gore catching carp on maggot on the tip and then on the pole at 11m feeding heavily despite the ice he ended up with 34.8lb for second overall. Ian Simpson managed to rotate a few lines and caught 3 carp from the deep margin at various times through the match but backed it up with skimmers, ide, roach and perch to just do enough for 3rd with 27.0lb from a fast finishing Paul Robinson and Steve Brew who both found carp willing to feed late on but fell short with 24.8lb and 22lb respectively.


1st - Kenny Stuart - 38.5lb
2nd - Billy Gore - 34.8lb
3rd - Ian Simpson 27.0lb

22nd Nov - WL3 - Lloyds Badger


1st - Billy Gore - 57.8lb
2nd - Phil Henry - 57.7lb
3rd - Jason Connah 30.8lb