New Record

New Record
The WBAC match record is raised again to 197lb 12oz by Ian Simpson

Monday, 27 October 2014

TriClubChallenge 2014

This years TriClubChallenge will be held at Lingmere on Sunday 2nd November with three teams of ten looking to secure the win. It will be sections of three and both WBAC and Rivacre will be out to wrestle the trophy away from last years winners Eggy Ferry.

With lots of members unable to make the day itself I have again opened the online donations page via JustGiving so you can still do your bit for Claire House and support the event even if you cannot attend.

Just go to and donate as much or as little as you wish as you know its for a great cause.

We have raised £5,557 during 2012 & 2013 so I have set a target of getting us to £7500 so please donate if you can't support on the day.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Glebe 3 Dayer

1st - Ian Simpson 197.12lb   (New WBAC Match Record - Lake 1 P8)
2nd - Steve Brew - 123.8lb   (Lake 1 P1)
3rd - Colin Cook - 115lb   (Lake 1 P4)

1st - Colin Cook - 195.8lb    (Lake 1 P23)
2nd - Graham Aveyard - 125.3lb    (Lake 1 P4)
3rd - Rob Dickenson - 123.04lb    (Lake 1 P1)

1st - Dougie Walsh - 99.8lb    (Lake 1 P16)
2nd - Rob Dickenson - 97.0lb    (Lake 1 P22)
3rd - Ian Simpson - 79.3lb     (Lake 7 P99)

Teams of Three
Colin Cook / Barry Davis / Dave Gentile 18pts & 514lb (beat Ian Simpson / Jason Connah / Trevor Allpress also 18pts but 506lb)

A fantastic 3 days with over 5500lb of fish caught and 13 x 100lb+ weights recorded. lake 1 fished better than Lake 7 but we always expected that with more space on Lake 1.

The seeding worked well with 22 of the 27 anglers picking up during the 3 days and only 4 anglers picking up more than once.

12th Sept - Fir Tree

1st - Barry Davis - 73.9lb
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 68.8lb
3rd - Billy Gore - 46.8lb

30th Aug - Hampton Long Island

1st - Ian Lloyd - 90.4lb
2nd - Barry Davis - 73.6lb
3rd - Pete Canavan - 46.0lb

Sunday, 10 August 2014

9th Aug - Old Hough - Big Max

1st - Ian Simpson - 71.2lb
2nd - Mike Richardson - 70.5lb
3rd - Jason Connah - 53.2lb

Friday, 1 August 2014

Glebe News including Teams Draw

Hi all
Following Mondays meeting the following was agreed.
1. As we have 24 fishing Wednesday and then 27 fishing the Thursday & Friday which is the Ronnie Ashbrooke Trophy we decided to have teams of three instead of pairs.
2. The anglers attending have been seeded into top third, middle third and lower third and each team will have one angler from each seeding. So it will be sections of 9 paying top 3 per section.(sections of 8 on Wed). Payouts to be finalised.
3. Seeds will compete against each other on all three days although the Thuirsday and Friday only will count for the Ronnie Ashbrooke Trophy.
4. The top team on Thursday and again on Friday will win £45 (£15 per man per day). The trophy will go to the overall top team after two days. Team results will be decided on points per seeded section.
5. The bottom team over the two days will also win a booby prize funded by Rick's spotties!!
The teams were drawn as follows
Higher Seeds Middle Seeds Lower Seeds
Colin Cook Barry Davis Dave Gentile
Ian Lloyd Rob Dickinson Alec Raich
Steve Brew Pete Walsh Peter Canavan
Jeff Grantham Dougie Walsh Colin McPhail
Mick Flanagan Jason Davies Steve Gilmore
Paul Robinson Andy Thompson Harry Simpson
Ian Simpson Jason Connah Trevor Allpress
Phil Henry Graham Aveyard Keith Williamson
Billy Gore Tyrone Davies Rick Keeley
6. The Higher seeds will draw Lake 1 Pegs 1-15 on Wed, Lake 1 pegs 16-30 on Thurs and Lake 7 pags 98-109 on Friday
7. The Middle seeds order will be the same pags as above but Lake 7 then Lake 1 lower nos then Lake 1 higher nos.
8. The Lower seeds will again be the same pegs but the order will be Lake 1 highers nos then Lake 7 then Lake 1 lower nos.
9. Rick is cancelling one of the Makins lakes as it appears we have only c12 anglers wishing to fish Saturday as well.
10. Draw times and final payouts to be confirmed once all payments are in by the end of August please to Keith. £120 for 3 days 2 nights
I think the two favourite teams have to be Colin Cook, Barry D, Dave Gentile along with Billy Gore, Tyrone, Rick as all those anglers have done ton plus weights on the Glebe before although I have to say given its all about points scored from a seeded section there are no weak team!!!


Sunday, 27 July 2014

26th July - Lloyds Meadow - Badger


1st - Ian Lloyd - 82.0lb
2nd - Ian Simpson - 57.8lb
3rd - Paul Robinson - 54.5lb
4th - Dougie Walsh - 53.5lb