Billy Gore - the Glebe is not always kind to him but he's top dog on our northern shit holes!!!! haha!!!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

12th September - Old Hough - Bembo

Another one where I wasn't there but I believe it was a tough day with a small turnout but Billy managed to keep one stop ahead of Kieran and further cement his position as no1 in the yearly points chase!


1st - Billy Gore - 33.0lb
2nd - Kieran Smith - 26.0lb
3rd - Rick Keeley - 21.1lb

22nd August - Hampton - Willow

A nice change being on Willow and plenty of space for those turning out in the sun. Bridge pegs or the pipe pegs where the talk at the draw and with Ian Lloyd, Ian Simpson and Kenny Stuart filling them it would not have been a surprise it that ended up as the top three.

The reality was that Paul Robinson and Dougie Walsh who both drew the bottom left hand side but had a lot of space due to it allegedly not fishing as well as the right hand side, they both made the most of the space and Paul caught in the margins to run out the winner with 58.4lb and Dougie taking the runners up spot a fish or two behind with 50.8lb.

Ian Lloyd was the top angler on the flyers with 48.5lb for third with Ian Simpson blowing out big time on the pipe peg with just 18lb (expected too much and overfed it!!). Kenny Stuart managed a section win from the other bridge peg but with a much lower 25lb net.


1st - Paul Robinson - 58.4lb
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 50.8lb
3rd - Ian Lloyd - 48.5lb

Friday, 21 August 2015

8th August - Partridge - Covey 6

The day after 3 days at the Glebe (albeit I stayed for a fourth!!!) that saw Phil Henry make the switch from carp to F1's to secure a win with 93lb ahead of Ian Lloyd with 82.8lb and Jason Connah continuing his Glebe form with third and 75.8lb


1st - Phil Henry - 93.0lb
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 82.8lb
3rd - Jason Connah - 75.8lb

5th - 7th August - Glebe

Well this sounds strange writing this so long after the event itself but work and life have been a little busy of late but here goes.........

A few of us stayed and fished a fourth day on the Glebe and the locals confirmed the strips were not fishing well as the Monday before we got there Lake 6 had been won with 68lb and the whole complex bar Lake 1 was fishing below par. Now just to clarify par is fairly high by the standards we have up here in the northwest so here's the summary.

Over 3 days we had 4457lb of fish and had 15 weights over 100lb with Wed averaging 54lb per man Fri 50lb per man and actually Thurs set a new WBAC record with an average of 94lb per man which was 2174lb caught on the day!

Wednesday saw the top three all break the ton with Jeff Grantham 105.8lb from the middle of Lake 7 just sneaking ahead of Colin Cook sat on the Lttle Girls peg at the end of Lake 6 with 104.3lb. Phil Henry had 103.3lb for 3rd from another end peg on Lake 7 (CC and PH in the same car both with end pegs....Picasso and Da Vinci springs to mind!).

Thursday saw the prolific Lake 1 in use and the top 10 all broke the 100lb barrier with Jason Connah in the top section with 155lb just edging out Paul Robinson in the lower section with 154lb. To show its consistency the middle section went to Colin Cook with 143lb and 3rd overall.

Friday was the hardest day with the most anglers on the bank and just two 100lb weights, Paul Robinson topping Lake 7 with 125.5lb of mainly edge fish. Ian Simpson topped Lake 5 with 103lb and Colin Cook topped Lake 6 with 83.6lb (from the opposite end peg this time!!!OMG)

The Ronny Ashbrooke pairs event (which were redrawn after some moaning about the teams and seeding favouring the pairs over the threesomes) ended up being a runaway victory over the Thurs and Fri for Jason Connah and Paul Robinson who in 2 days had 496lb leaving Ian Simpson and Rick Keeley a long way behind in second with a 2 day total of 370lb before the rest of the pack at 289lb

(NB: When I reworked the Ronnie Ashbrooke results using the original draw the threesomes would have taken 1st and 3rd........not that I need to be right I'll have you know.......but I told ya.........the seeding was right after all and there was less than 50lb between the top 3 teams!!)

Wed - Lakes 4,6,7

1st - Jeff Grantham - 105.8lb (Peg 104 Lake 7)
2nd - Colin Cook - 104.3lb (Peg 86 Lake 6)
3rd - Phil Henry - 103.3lb (Peg 98 Lake 7)

Thurs - Lakes 1,4

1st - Jason Connah - 155.8lb (Peg 26 Lake 1)
2nd - Paul Robinson - 154.5lb (Peg 2 Lake 1)
3rd - Colin Cook - 143.8lb (Peg 16 Lake 1)

Fri - Lakes 5,6,7

1st - Paul Robinson - 125.5lb (Peg 105 Lake 7)
2nd - Ian Simpson - 103.0lb (Peg 85 Lake 5)
3rd - Colin Cook - 83.8lb (Peg 97 Lake 6)

25th July - Hampton - Rock


1st - Ian Lloyd - 46.2lb
2nd - Barry Davis - 35.0lb
3rd - Dennis Jones - 34.8lb

Friday, 24 July 2015

4th July - Field Farm - Big Beam

1st - Steve Gilmour - 34.5lb
2nd - Billy Gore - 27.3lb
3rd - Dennis Jones - 26.8lb

27th June - Heronbrook - Match Lake


1st - Mike Richardson - 71.0lb
2nd - Dougie Walsh - 62.1lb
3rd - Dennis Jones - 53.0lb