Dougie is our "tonmeister" with a new PB at Partridge

Monday, 30 June 2014

Saturday after the Glebe - IMPORTANT

The Glebe 2014 / Makins

Rick has booked Makins for the Saturday following the Glebe 3 dayer however we cannot get enough rooms at the Longshoot (I can only get rooms for 6 people so I am going to cancel them) so I was challenged to find somewhere else local.

Well the Travelodge Nuneaton called the Yeoman Harvester CV11 6EN is on the same road as the Longshoot and about a 10minute walk or 2min taxi ride away. Rick and Keith have stayed there before and you can then either eat at the Harvester onsite or go to the Longshoot Cavery at the extortionate £4odd each.

The only issue is you need to book your own rooms as its much cheaper to get a no cancellation room and they are paid for at the time unlike the Longshoot which I usually reserve and we just pay on the day. So if you sort out who you are sharing with and book with Travelodge on-line it's £29 for a double room, you request a pull out bed to be made up on-line and its then a twin for only £14.50 each. For breakfast you just go to the Longshoot or the onsite Harvester and pay there.

By phone its 0871 984 6094 but they charge you a £2.50 booking fee!!!!

Remember to only book the Travelodge not book Travelodge Nuneaton Bedworth as that's the wrong place!!

It looks like a fair few aren't going to fish the Sat now so please let Rick or Keith know either way if you are fishing saturday or not as Rick may need to adjust the lakes booked. Additional costs for fishing Sat will now be just £15 as you will be booking and paying for your own room on the Fri night.

Here's those I know about, everyone else please let Rick and Keith know asap either way: -

    - Not staying and not fishing Saturday = Jeff, Rob D, Steve B, Robbo, Ian S, H, Mick Flan

    - Booking their own rooms and fishing Saturday = Billy, Alec, Barry, Rick, Keith, Dougie, Pete C, Ian L, Dave Grimes

Sunday, 22 June 2014

21st June - Partridge Covey 6

With warm weather all week and little wind all looked well with Partridge Covey 6. Its a 42 peg lake and Rick had done a deal to get the whole lake and yet only to pay for pegs used so when 15 turned up it meant everyone was gonna have lots of room.

With Rick away in Malta, thanks to Keith and Lloydy for helping with the draw and our own weighmeister Billy for weighing in.

Draw done and a few interesting sections with Ian Lloyd on the Golden Peg and sat between Ian S and Billy on the island in the lake with Ian and Billy having effectively end pegs.(we did offer to forgo weighing in for a split of the GP but Lloydy declined....hence he got chip shopped (battered both sides)). Dougie looked on a flyer at the head of an island were the ripple started with the rest of his section in the calm. H was drawn on a bridge and had Peter C on a bend and Jason Connah on the straight in his section.The final section had Ste G with the wind in his face and Jason Davies, Trevor and Ian Dodd all on the backstraight to contend with.

All in and for most it was instant with loads of 4-8oz F1's time ticked by it became obvious it was fishing well and many managed to sort out a few better samples with an odd 1-4lber helping the cause. Billy was bagging in the margin, Ian S shalla, Ste G and H short pole....H going under the bridge when needed....Trev started to go longer down his margin with groundbait and found some better fish.......all the while Dougie was catching on maggot.

At the scales it was difficult to estimate as everyone was admitting to 60-200 fish and depending on the sizes that could be 50-150lb. First to weigh was Billy Gore with some proper 4lbers included from the margins on maggot to add to a shedload of F1's he fell just short of the ton with 95.6lb.....Ian Lloyd had lost the plot early on before sussing they wanted shallow water and went for it in the last 90mins with 15h and 0.16line and 16 hooks skulling better fish but was too late and the Golden peg fizzled to 65.9lb. Ian S completed the section with more fish than Billy and Ian L but smaller but they went 107.9lb confirming the late match comment...Ian L says "I'm 18lb behind Billy and 30lb behind you"....the somewhat tongue in cheek response was "try 30lb behind Billy and 50lb behind me".....which happened to be fairly close. Section 1 weighed and 270lb of  fish.

The same story was repeated around the lake with Ste G weighing 63lb just pipping 'Daiwaman' (Jason Davies) with 60lb before being trumped by Trevor with 86lb. The top section was a little slower with 40-50lb weights from Alec and Keith out of the wind but Dave Grimes tipped on 68lb only to be topped by Dougie with 116lb who had even run out of bait and went back to the van for more. The final section ended up being the closest of the lot, H wrinkled out 41lb of barbel and F1's from under the bridge Pete Canavan managed 60lb 6oz only for Jason C to tip 60lb 10oz on the scales to take the final section.

Well I have to say its not often you catch over 100lb and don't win a WBAC match.....but today I managed it.........a great venue, well laid out lake and heavily stocked. We averaged 71lb excluding guests and had over 900lb of fish......

Rick was sooooooooooo looking forward to this one.......stay in Malta mate we had a lovely days fishing without you haha!!

1st - Dougie Walsh - 116.5lb
2nd - Ian Simpson - 107.9lb
3rd - Billy Gore - 95.4lb
4th - Trevor Allpress - 86.5lb

7th June - Old Hough - Lower Benbo

1st - Kenny Stuart - 45.0lb
2nd - Billy Gore - 41.2lb
3rd - Barry Davis - 39.7lb
4th - Ian Lloyd - 39.2lb

I believe it was fished on Lower Benbo after some cock up or other that I'm sure Rick will take the blame for as he wasn't there hehe and neither was I!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

24th May - Hampton Springs

1st - Ian Simpson - 40.8lb
2nd - Kev Valentine - 38.3lb
3rd - Ian Lloyd 30.1lb

Monday, 12 May 2014

10th May - Lloyds Badger


1st  - Paul Robinson - 74.0lb
2nd - Dave Grimes - 63.1lb
3rd - Barry Davis - 60.7lb

Monday, 28 April 2014

Makins - Saturday after the Glebe Wed - Friday event


It looks like the additional cost of the extra night and days fishing for those who want to stay over and fish the Saturday as well will be about £40 on top of whichever Glebe deal you are one i.e. one night or two.

Keith has agreed to collect the additional payments whilst he is collecting the Glebe cash but it is a seperate match and seperate bill at the hotel at present so Keith, Rick or I need to know asap and certainly by the end of May if you are staying on the Friday as well so we can try to book hotel rooms and confirm the lakes at Makins for definite.

There is a meeting on Monday 12th May so it would be even better if you could let us know by then!!

KO Round 1

Round 1 of the KO has now been completed with 14 qualifiers going into Round 2 which will run for May and June. So thats Lloyds Badger, Hampton - Long, Old Hough - Big Max or Partridge - Covey 5 you need to fish and catch 20lb.

Same simple rules apply you have to catch just 20lb in a club match to progress to Round 3.

Those qualifying from Round 3 will make the Final in September