This feeder fishing is easy, two wins in two months and I only said I'd try to focus on it a bit more in 2016

Thursday, 11 February 2016

6th February WL9 Conway

Another day when it rained from start to finish and to cap it all we had a bit of wind thrown in to make it a little more interesting! Several trashed brollys and a no7 section broken during the day showed Conway as its savage self

There were two balls of carp feeding and not much else really as Ian Lloyd and Ian Simpson shared a shoal in the bowl and fished method or hybrid with maggot on the hook. Ian L finished with 14 carp from next to the point with Ian S trailing on 9 from the middle of the far bank but as they were a better stamp the scales settled on 57.5lb for both and the result was a joint win.

Ehmmm.........in case you missed it Ian S with a second win on the feeder in as many months....it must have been black!!

Billy Gore fished a superb match battling the weather and 17m+ of pole and was able to present properly often enough to snare some carp and F1's from the sunken island to weigh 40.5lb for a well deserved 3rd place. If the weather had been better Billy could have been the runaway winner.

A few decent back ups with a 29lb, 25lb and 19lb but then the weights fell away sharply to 4lb and below including a blank, unheard of for Conway but as you were either on fish at some point or in the case of the top left handside.......it seemed the fish just didn't bother going there today!


= 1st Ian Lloyd - 57.5lb
= 1st Ian Simpson - 57.5lb
3rd Billy Gore - 40.5lb

Monday, 1 February 2016

30th January -WL8 Hampton

A cold but dry day with a strong wind adding a real wind chill to the day. Dougie drew LOng 30 which has been consistently good of late and made no mistakes with a 53.3lb net of caro and F1's from open water on the feeder and bomb.

Ian Lloyd drew in the teeth of the wind on Rock 18 and after failing to catch on the feeder to the island started to put a few silvers and smaller carp together at 13m before having a very good last hour on a deep margin , sort of 2+1 line that catapulted him to 47.5lb including some bigger carp and a proper barbel!. Colin McPhail drew the other consistent Long peg at the moment i.e 18 and despite a few losses did enough to take 3rd for the second time this year on Hampton.....he's beginning to like Long Island.


1st - Dougie Walsh - 53.3lb (Long 30)
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 47.5lb (Rock 18)
3rd - Colin McPhail - 29.5lb (Long 18)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

16th January - WL7 Conway

A cold and icy day but no wind and only ten hardy fools for this round. We feared the worst when after an hour no one had a fish but slowly and surely the odd carp and F1 started to show but the roach where yet again absence.

The last two hour saw a number of anglers starting to catch well, including some proper munters coming out to about 15lb. Fish were being caught on the feeder, pole and waggler it you had carp in front of you, our had drawn them in.

Trevor ran out the winner with 62.4lb all on the method on maggot from the middle of the far end which was easily enough in the end. Dougie draw the sunken island and fish 17m taking 44.4lb again on maggot having catapulted maggot for a few hours before they came on. Steve Brew was to the left of the point and caught on the bomb and method in the pole with an odd fish on the pole for 37.5lb.

Interestingly the silvers did start to show in the last hour with roach and skimmers coming to the net but mainly 6oz and no small fish at all despite most of the field fishing maggot for most of the day.  


1st Trevor Allpress - 62.4lb
2nd Dougie Walsh - 44.3lb
3rd Ste Brew - 37.5lb

Sunday, 10 January 2016

9th January - WL6 Hampton

Lets just say Hampton was all about being called Ian and fishing the tip!


1st - Ian Simpson - 44.5lb (Long 30)
2nd - Ian Dodd - 34.0lb (Rock 18)
3rd - Ian Lloyd - 29.5lb (Long 18)

Ian S with a first ever match win on the feeder!

Friday, 1 January 2016

27th December - WL5 Conway


1st - Dougie Walsh - 95lb
2nd - Billy Gore - 65lb
3rd - Ian Simpson - 44.5lb

Monday, 14 December 2015

12th December - Hampton Fur & Feather

Eighteen fools turned up for the annual Fur and Feather and with Alice Poplars and Oasis available everyone would have a lot of room but most still wanted Alice due to the larger carp and abundance of skimmers on certain pegs.

It turned out that way too with Ian Lloyd making no mistakes off the famed winter bay peg and running out the winner with 36lb followed by Dave Gentile off the next peg with 26lb although Dave was short of carp but made up for it with plenty of decent skimmers. Ian Simpson was third with 24lb off Oasis made up of small carp, blades and crucians. Harry Simpson managed to take top weight off Poplars with 12lb and a section win.

A cold wet and dark day as we weighed in late due to being split over three lakes! Special thanls to those who helped out by not weighing in haha! Dennis, Alec, Trevor, Henry etc

I can't not also mention Ian Lloyd managed to overtake Billy and Dougie in the Angler of the Year and Matchman of the Year to take both titles at the final weigh in of the year. He also won the 2015 KO this year buy winning at Hampton so nearly did a complete clean sweep. I can't remember who stopped him........err me! (unluckly Lloydly a brilliant year though and a new record weight for the year too!)


1st - Ian Lloyd - 36lb
2nd - Dave Gentile - 26lb
3rd - Ian Simpson - 24lb

Monday, 7 December 2015

5th December - WL4 Hampton

Absolutely wild with 50mph+ gusts and only two fools even tried the pole, everyone else relied on the method, bomb or feeder. Billy Gore ran out the winner with 65lb fishing the method with maggot towards the islands and into open water. Ian Simpson, yes, yes I know fishing the method, managed to chuck it somewhere close to the far side enough times to catch for 90 minutes and finish second with 45lb. Rick lost enough to have pushed Billy Gore close but the carp knew where the aerator was and left Rick ruing what might have been with third place and 35lb again all on the feeder.

The best news though was despite the unbelievable winds no broken gear bar Stevie G's landing net that the wind broke, not a fish I hasten to add!


1st - Billy Gore - 65.12 (Long 18)
2nd - Ian Simpson - 44.5lb (Long 30)
3rd - Rick Keeley - 34.5lb (Long 28)