WBAC's top rod on weight and points so far this year - Ian Lloyd

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

2016 AGM Update

Proposals and changes from AGM

1. For 2017 the golden peg £1 will be replaced with a £1 winner takes all superpool on the day. The view was this removes any roll over and concerns about winning the Golden Peg by winning a 3 or 4 peg section. From 2017 the sections will remain as is i.e. 3-4 man sections as the discretion of the Match Secretary and the overall winner will win his section and pick up the superpool. On average we have 12-15 attendees so the winner gets c£12-£15 extra.

Proposed: Paul Robinson
Seconded: Ian Simpson
Vote was unanimous in favour

2. The existing Committee was proposed to be retained en masse
Henry Mellor - Chairman
Vacant - Secretary
Keith Williamson - Treasurer
Match Secretary - Rick Keeley
Asst to the above - Ian Lloyd
The Secretary role remains vacant and the Committee are open to consider applicants. Ian Simpson agreed to continue with the League and Blog updates irrespective of a Secretary being appointed.

Proposed: Ian Simpson
Seconded: Colin Cook
Vote was unanimous in favour

3. It was proposed Ian Simpson be given honorary WBAC membership from 2017 onwards for his work with regard to the league tables / blog / email communication and weekend away organisation for the membership over a number of years.

Proposed: Rick Keeley
Seconded: Keith Williamson
Vote was 10 v 1

Note: These are my recollections as I didn't take notes so pending confirmation of accuracy from Henry, Rick and Keith

24th September 2016 - Hampton Long&Rock


1st Ian Lloyd - 124.4lb
2nd - Billy Gore - 122.3lb
3rd - Michael White - 53.0lb

17th September 2016 - Border Match Lake


1st - Rick Keeley - 63.5lb
2nd - Keith Williamson - 42.5lb
3rd - Dougie Walsh - 39.5lb

10th September 2016 - Partridge Covey 5


1st - Dougie Walsh - 50.5lb
2nd Billy Gore - 40.5lb
3rd - Alec Riach - 32.5lb

27th August - Border - Meridian

Rick to find results

13th August 2016 - Partridge Spey

Rick to find results!!!

9th July 2016 - Hampton - Long


1st - Billy Gore - 96.2lb
2nd - Ian Lloyd - 92.8lb
3rd - Dougie Walsh - 88.0lb